Diseñamos, desarrollamos y construimos maquinaria específica destinada a líneas de producción y de envasado de productos, aumentado la rentabilidad de los procesos productivos de nuestros clientes.


Lines unifier

This mechanism accelerates the process of lining up those packages coming from the thermoformer and moving to the labelling machine.


The lines unifier, apart from lining up the packages fast and safely, reduces considerably the distance from the thermoformer to the labelling machine. This is due to the efficiency of its several mechanisms.

This solution has a system to detect the product entry, and it immediately activates the control cycle. Thus, the lanes move sideways and the transporters activate individually, to sequence the package exit. This way, the labelling area receives the product in an individual and controlled way.

Likewise, this machine accepts several recipes that allow a fast change of format, adapting to the customer requirements.


  • Equipment maximum performance: 8 cycles/min.
  • Adaptable configurations to the customers’ requirements. From 1 x 1 to 6 x 2.
  • Variable speed.
  • Transversal position via encoder.

Technical data

  • Made in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Electrical power supply: 230 V (50/60 Hz).
  • Pneumatic power supply: 6 bar with clean and dry air.
  • Touch screen control panel.


  • 2-line unifier.
  • 3-line unifier.
  • 4-line unifier.
  • 3-line unifier with roller system.
  • Unifier at 90º.


  • Cord diverter.
  • Ethernet kit.

The solution

  • The most compact and efficient unifier in the market.
  • Energy saving mode. The unifier disconnects in the event of any contingency on the thermoformer or the labelling equipment.
  • Control of the march and independent stop of each conveyor, thanks to the pneumatic clutch.