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Semi-automatic label dispenser for cured meat with string

Semi-automatic solution that optimizes the process of labelling products with a string, such as chorizo, sausage, chistorra, etc.


This mechanism stands out as a strong, safe and convenient operation unit. Its technical features allow you to work with different types of strings, without affecting the final result of the process.

The semi-automatic label dispenser for cured meat with string is a solution composed of a printing unit and a labelling module.

First, the label format is programmed for printing. The labelling operation is performed by a thermal printer and a mechanism which, thanks to its technical features, allows the adhesion of the label to the string. If necessary, this labelling system can also be designed to work with pre-printed labels.

Once the label is printed, an automatic mechanism directs it to the labelling module and places it in the exact position where the action will take place. Then an operator presses the string against the middle part of the label, so that both endings get stuck to immediately afterwards, extract them bounded, through the outlet.

This module has a sensor which, after carrying out the labelling process, reactivates the work cycle.


  • Printing system compatible with multiple types of labels.
  • Unit supports various formats of strings.
  • It can be designed to work with pre-printed labels.
  • Products: cured meat with string.

Technical data

  • Made in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Electrical power supply: 230 V (50/60 Hz).
  • Pneumatic power supply: 6 bar with clean and dry air.
  • Unit dimensions 840 x 400 x 500 mm (length x width x height).


  • Toshiba thermal printer.
  • Ethernet kit.
  • Touch screen control panel.

The solution

  • Simple, safe and comfortable operation.
  • Faster solution than manual labelling.
  • Designed for small businesses and SMEs.