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Automatic cardboard loader

This equipment is designed for the supply of cardboard sheets from a stack on a conveyor, which is synchronized with the one that delivers the product, so that automatic placement of the product on top of the cardboard is achieved. A versatile solution that allows optimal workflow in the production chain.


After a permission signal from the customer, the cardboard unstacker supplies a sheet of cardboard from a stack, at a pre-established speed.

This module has a photocell which detects low level of cardboard, as well as another photocell detecting the dispensed cardboard, which allows complete control of the dispensing process of cardboard sheets.

Its design allows it to be adapted to the customer’s needs and can be easily incorporated into any line of work, providing agility and efficiency to the entire set.

The cardboard sheet is deposited on a conveyor that has a 90º curve. The straight section of the conveyor is synchronized with the previous equipment. The advance of the cardboard sheets is synchronized with the advance of the product. In this way, the product falls by gravity onto the cardboard sheet in the desired position.

Moreover, the delivery of the cardboard sheets can be synchronized with the product already placed with the packaging machine.

The equipment is made of stainless steel and other materials, which allow it to be washed with hot water under pressure. Likewise, the materials that are contact with the cardboard are certified for contact with food.

It can work with a wide range of cardboard sheet sizes, from 90 mm to 265 mm wide and a length from 160 mm to 325 mm.*


  • Maximum speed: 90 units / min.
  • *Adaptable to different cardboard sizes.
  • Options:
    • Placing the carton unstacker in line or at 90º from the entrance of the conveyor.

Technical data

  • Equipment made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Electrical power: 1.5 kW.
  • Pneumatic supply: clean, dry air at 0.6 MPa.
  • Motorization with an IP67 protection rating.
  • Photocells with IP69K protection rating.
  • Ethernet connection for telematic maintenance.
  • Control panel with 4.3” touch screen.


  • General cutting disconnector.
  • Emergency stop button.


  • Cargo transporter: if the line does not have a cargo transporter, it can be added to the project. With several additional options:
    • Transverse displacement: to place more than one lane of product per row.
    • Stacker: to stack more than one product on the container.
  • 90º rotator: if the packaging machine needs LSL containers.
  • Deliverer: if the containers must be delivered to the packaging machine in more than one lane.
  • Tray unstacker: if the customer wants to work with trays and cartons on the same line, a tray unstacker can be integrated.
  • Unifier: if 2 carton unstackers are placed on the same line, they can be unified to deliver in 1 lane to the packaging machine.
  • Other accessories: consult.

The solution

  • The unstacking process is carried out by traction, not by suction cups.
  • Adjustable to different sizes of cardboard.
  • Adaptable to different products: filleted meat, hamburgers, minced meat, filleted or sliced fish, portioned or sliced cheese, etc.