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Automatic tray loader

A solution especially designed to optimize the load of meat products into trays, which integrates perfectly an interleaver system and a tray denestering mechanism.


The automatic tray loader is a solution that includes several devices that allow the control and the product loading in a safe, fast and efficient way.

During the production process, the cord conveyor collects the product and transports it to the paper dispenser. In this unit, an interleaver system, carefully places the paper underneath the product.

Afterwards, a second conveyor picks the product up and deposits it into a tray coming from a tray denester. A removable and interchangeable mechanism which allows a regular flow of trays and adapts to several kinds of containers. Simultaneouly, the trays are loaded according to the number of rows or layers configured by means of a touch screen. Once the system detects the request has been fulfilled, an automatic conveyor belt transports the tray to the exit.


  • Equipment maximum performance: 200 units/min (working with a length of paper of 100 mm). Its performance will always depend on the length of paper.
  • Dispensed material: absorbent paper, wax paper, cellophane, etc.
  • Maximum paper width: from 100 mm to 160 mm according to configuration.
  • Paper roll size: 76 mm inner diameter, 250 mm outer diameter.
  • Tray size: from 120 x 232 x 30 mm to 200 x 260 x 65 mm (length x width x height).

Technical data

  • Made in AISI 340 stainless steel.
  • Electrical power supply: 230 V (50/60 Hz).
  • Pneumatic power supply: 6 bar with clean and dry air.
  • Number of lanes or tracks: 1.
  • Touch screen control panel.


  • 1 lane for paper width up to 160 mm.


  • Tray denester for 1 stacks.
  • Interchangeable tray denester for more than one tray format.
  • Transport handles and wheels.
  • Warehouse module.

The solution

  • It places the paper underneath the product, stacks it and places it into trays in little space.
  • High efficiency thanks to the synchronism with the previous machine and the thermosealing equipment.
  • Infeed conveyor adjustable in height.
  • Easy extraction of paper dispenser and tray denester for cleaning purposes