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Checkweigher with rejection system

Veserkal has developed an automatic equipment that allows to control the exact weight of the batches, in a fast and precise way, accepting all those that meet the requirements and rejecting those with one or more parameters that are out of the previously established range.


This weighing system can work with a high production flow. To get a good weight readout it is essential that products enter the weighing lane sequentially ordered, as well as that the time interval between them is constant.

To ensure this, if required, this equipment can have an acceleration conveyor that allows to separate the products and supply the entry of the checkweigher with a constant frequency.

The weighing system allows to program a high number of weight intervals. If the weight readout is not within the desired range, the product will be rejected from the line. In contrast, if the weight is within the programmed interval, this product will continue its natural way along the production line. If required, the information obtained from this process is sent to the computer system, so that the production can be analysed and some conclusions can be reached a posteriori.

Veserkal supplies different rejection systems that offer a solution to a wide range of products and the specific needs of each customer such as the discarding systems by a trapdoor, the rejection by air or the pneumatic rejection systems.


  • Equipment maximum performance: 75 units/min.

Technical data

  • Made in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Electrical power supply: 230V (50/60 Hz).
  • Pneumatic power supply: 6 bar with clean and dry air.
  • Touch screen control panel.
  • Weighing equipment not approved.


  • Rejection through traapdoor.
  • Rejection by air.
  • Pneumatic rejection.


  • Unifier.
  • Ethernet kit.
  • Data compilation from PC or memory stick.
  • Acceleration conveyor.
  • Additional dynamic conveyor depending on the number of lanes.

The solution

  • It allows to increase the productivity of production lines.
  • Adaptable to products with a wide variety of formats and sizes.
  • Data can be transferred to computer and be used to make statistical analysis or production planning in a more precise way.