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A Veserkal solution for Champinter

Champinter, a company from Albacete dedicated to the mushroom sector for 40 years, has trusted Veserkal for the new dosing system of mushrooms in compartmentalised trays.

The new product of Champinter consists of a tray with three separate spaces, inside which several types of mushrooms with different cutting characteristics and weights are stored.
The challenge for Veserkal was to design a solution that allowed dosing into single tray and in each department, the correct variety without mixing them, so that each variety occupied the assigned space. Furthermore, the dispenser had to incorporate a tray unstacker and have a tray store for the automatic loading of the unstacker, avoiding the manual supply of the equipment.

The solution presented by Veserkal was the three-head Chopping Dispenser, which together with the tray unstacker with storage, one of the flagship solutions of Veserkal, to make the equipment more autonomous when dispensing the trays, make possible the automation of the laborious process of weighing and placing three varieties of this delicate product in a single tray for subsequent packaging and labelling.

Once again, the solution we offered is able to speed up production and achieve greater profitability for the company. The R & D team has worked conscientiously to provide a solution to the issued challenge, and so we are very pleased to have been able to help a company like Champinter, with a great business history backed by excellent results and with whom we hope to be able to continue collaborating to contribute to their growth.