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Veserkal expands its range of loaders following market trends

Following the company’s recent philosophy, Veserkal launches a new equipment that adapts to the sustainability and recycling trends of global use in food packaging.

It is an automatic cardboard loader, a piece of equipment that supplies cardboard sheets automatically and is synchronized with the rest of the line, achieving automatic placement of the product on top of the cardboard.

This solution has been designed for the meat, fish and dairy sectors and, especially, to be used with filleted meat, hamburgers, minced meat, filleted or sliced ​​fish, portioned or sliced ​​cheese, etc.

This new equipment can be attached to the Veserkal’s automatic tray loader, and, in this way, you can work on the same line with cardboard sheets or plastic trays as appropriate.

The new automatic cardboard loader is a versatile solution that allows an optimal workflow in the production chain.

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