Diseñamos, desarrollamos y construimos maquinaria específica destinada a líneas de producción y de envasado de productos, aumentado la rentabilidad de los procesos productivos de nuestros clientes.


Change and improvement strategies

Just a few weeks ago, we informed you about the change of location of our facilities, a decision that should be understood as part of the process of business development of Veserkal.

Throughout our professional history, we have gone through different stages that required a continuous process of modification, updating and revision. Because of this desire to improve, we have learned to face each new stage with its own logic.

In 2014, for example, the need to assess the location, efficiency and competitiveness of our facilities became evident. In this situation, relevant studies were carried out and we realized we would have to find a new location. This was not an easy work and required the collaboration of various professionals that took into account different criteria.

Finally, and after considering several options, we decided on that venue that best suited our needs and allowed us to maintain our sustained growth. The fact is that the result has surpassed all our initial expectations, since only a few days after settling in, we experienced a significant improvement in terms of logistics.

Having said that, we can only add that we are implementing an internal restructuring plan that will allow us to develop our performance more efficiently.