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Law of Inter-branch Agri-food Organisations in Catalonia

In recent years, the EU common agricultural policy has promoted several actions improving both the efficiency and competitiveness in the sector.

Moreover, this common strategy also stablishes that competent governments in each member countries must legislate in this subject.
We should highlight that the Catalan Parliament has passed the Law of Inter-branch Agri-food Organisations in Catalonia in order to offer a new regulatory framework offering a real response to the requests of agri-food sector in Catalonia.

From our business point of view, the implementation of this new legislation will greatly benefit the development of the agri-food sector, since innovation will be promoted, business relations among operators of the food chain will be boosted and product trading will be improved, both nationally and internationally.

Thus, as a company involved in the agri-food sector, we celebrate the approval of this law and are totally open to keep working for the proper functioning of the food chain.