Diseñamos, desarrollamos y construimos maquinaria específica destinada a líneas de producción y de envasado de productos, aumentado la rentabilidad de los procesos productivos de nuestros clientes.


Veserkal, a model of talent training

In Veserkal we have repeatedly proven to always be open to change. We understand that it is essential to progress in our work.

One aspect that differentiates us is that we are open to learn from others to improve, a virtue that pushes us to analyse our work with determination and which also gives us a great entrepreneurial dynamism.

It is essential for us to take part in those spaces or initiatives that foster collaboration among companies that are innovative, entrepreneurial, flexible, creative and with growth potential. Indeed, we are now an active part of a project that strives to promote business training and networking in our region.

The initiative, under the name Jornada de Capacitació Empresarial i Networking del Berguedà, allowed us to visit the facilities and exchange knowledge and experiences with representatives of three leading companies in our region: Transforma 21, Montajes Rus and VEGETALIA. In addition, they also had the opportunity to visit our innovative production and operations centre where our manager, Josep Cinca, highlighted the importance and relevance that talent training has had for us in absorbing the outstanding growth that we face each year.

We also want to emphasize that we were happy to confirm that all the participating companies, beyond our internationalization and export potential, share a strong bond with the territory, as well as a strong commitment to generate employment and boost economic growth.

Finally, we thank the Agència de Desenvolupament del Berguedà and the Associació pel Desenvolupament Rural de la Catalunya Central Catalonia for the organization of this day which, undoubtedly, was a success.