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Veserkal can issue the Certificate of Calibration for Automatic Weighing Instruments

The Spanish Metrology Center, the most important national body, has given Veserkal the capacity of issuing the Certificate of Calibration for Automatic Weighing Instruments.

This certificate, based on the Royal Decree 889/2006, from 21st July,  includes instruments such as checkweighers, weigh/price labellers and gravimetric filling instruments. 

The food industry makes multiple measurements daily, both during production and marketing. Improved measurement and calibration techniques increase the confidence of domestic and international markets, bringing benefits to the industry and the consumer.  

Veserkal, thanks to its effective quality control system, positions, again, as a benchmark in the industry, committed to excellence in automatic equipment. The truth is that for the company, this award is recognition of their daily efforts to provide safe and high quality products.