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4.0, the new revolution in the industrial sector

The robotics applied to industrial development is advancing at high speed, the so-called fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 is finding its way among companies that are clearly committed to technological development and it seems undeniable that we are very close to the so-called Intelligent Industry.

During our stay in Germany we were able to attend the Hannover Messe, an exhibition related to the industrial sector that was very helpful to us to expand our knowledge and increase our perspective regarding the evolution of our sector.

Veserkal has always been prepared to move towards a greater capacity of organization of the means of production, as well as to improve the efficiency of technological resources. This is why our experience at the Hannover Fair was highly satisfactory.

The confluence of the leading companies in the technological sector has led to the presentation, in terms of components for industrial automation, of the most outstanding advances towards Industry 4.0. We have discovered great contributions in this sense and how they involve a great effort to simplify the preventive maintenance of machines and being able to control their performance through software. In short, it is a vision of computerized manufacturing, with all processes interconnected through the network, the industrial internet.

The revolution 4.0 affects all departments of a company and involves the digitization of the entire production process, an essential step to incorporate the Internet and the cloud to companies and production chains. This will allow them to make the right decisions to improve the development of a company in order to improve its profitability.

It is noteworthy that much of the effort is directed towards robotics, both conventional and collaborative, a technology which is in full development and which, far from the topics associated with science fiction, seems undeniable to have arrived to stay and will be an essential part in this fourth industrial revolution. This is confirmed by the fact that all technological universities in Germany are betting on this way in Research and Development.

The team of Veserkal is especially pleased to have been able to reinforce, during this visit, our relationship with leading national and international companies in the development of components that we use in our equipment. This has allowed us to better know our needs and will allow us to offer better solutions to the industrial market. We have also been able to establish contacts with companies that offer complementary solutions to our equipment, and who have seen us as an appropriate partner to establish mutual collaboration.