Diseñamos, desarrollamos y construimos maquinaria específica destinada a líneas de producción y de envasado de productos, aumentado la rentabilidad de los procesos productivos de nuestros clientes.


FRUIT LOGISTICA 2016, a great success

On 3, 4 and 5 of February, we were present in the latest edition of FRUIT LOGISTICA. In the weeks previous to the celebration of this event, our sales department carried out a painstaking organizational task that allowed us to maximize the various market opportunities offered by an international meeting of this nature. Once again, […]


Between 3 and 5 February, the city of Berlin will host a new edition of FRUIT LOGISTICA, a fair dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector which has become a leader at the international level. In Veserkal we decided to be present at the event, as we are convinced that this meeting will be the […]

Future resolutions

When a new year begins, several companies decide to make their future resolutions. However, we prefer to share them with our customers, suppliers and partners throughout the year. This does not mean that we do not face 2016 with optimism and renewed enthusiasm. Our company has experienced a number of significant changes in logistical terms […]

Christmas and confectionery industry

Just like every year, Christmas brings about a change in citizens’ buying and consumption habits. In mid-November, the food industry begins to undergo an increase in volume of sales, a trend that is increasing over the weeks. In December sales shoot up, a situation that requires a great organizational and reaction ability from the several […]

Change and improvement strategies

Just a few weeks ago, we informed you about the change of location of our facilities, a decision that should be understood as part of the process of business development of Veserkal. Throughout our professional history, we have gone through different stages that required a continuous process of modification, updating and revision. Because of this […]

New location, new opportunities

In recent years, Veserkal has gone through an evolutionary process of internal transformation which has made a difference in the company progression. This situation has set the ideal framework to create a business strategy of stabilisation, growth and sustainable development. As expected, this new context involves the application of some changes organised in several stages […]

The press recognises the task of Veserkal

The press has talked about the task made by Veserkal, which makes us very proud and pushes us to keep working in order to improve our solutions quality. In September, the magazine L’Erol published a long article highlighting both our innovation and resilience in Berguedà, a region which has seen us grow as a company. This magazine […]

The logistic sector progresses at full speed

In such an interconnected world as the current one, the transport and logistics sector is playing a main role in the global economic development.  We should take into account that it is contributing to improve the competitiveness of several productive areas. In recent years, logistic infrastructures have become an essential part in the supply chain. […]

Law of Inter-branch Agri-food Organisations in Catalonia

In recent years, the EU common agricultural policy has promoted several actions improving both the efficiency and competitiveness in the sector. Moreover, this common strategy also stablishes that competent governments in each member countries must legislate in this subject.We should highlight that the Catalan Parliament has passed the Law of Inter-branch Agri-food Organisations in Catalonia […]

Fruit, summer and common effort

In summer, the tables of thousands of homes around the country fill with fresh fruit like melon, watermelon, peaches, coconuts, mangos, cherries or raspberries. Fruit helps us to face the high temperatures of this season, as its high content in water hydrates our body. Almost everybody knows the benefits of fruit consumption, but we sometimes […]