Diseñamos, desarrollamos y construimos maquinaria específica destinada a líneas de producción y de envasado de productos, aumentado la rentabilidad de los procesos productivos de nuestros clientes.


Nutritional information in food labels

At Veserkal we always watch out for those changes in the legislation that can affect both our work and the processes or products of our customers. Since the end of 2016, food labelling must include, as a mandatory part, indications on nutritional information. The application of this standard has not been a surprise, since it […]

Positive assessment of Fruit Logistica 2017

In February we had the opportunity to visit Fruit Logistica, a live market of commercial operations in the sector of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as a valued nerve centre to discover the latest tendencies of the sector. This event was very successful and had a great visitors flow. According to its organizers, more […]

Automatic dosing system for minority products

In Veserkal, we are specialists in developing solutions that fit the real needs of the industrial bakery sector and allow them to adapt their production to the new habits of the consumers. The automatic dosing system for minority products is a good example of this. This solution optimizes the preparation of recipes with powders, granules or liquids, thanks to […]

We support the blueberry industry

Our automated equipment represents an evolution for the systems of production and commercialization of greens, vegetables, flowers and fruits. So much so that in Veserkal we can offer the necessary solutions to optimize the production chain of a sector as delicate and complex as the blueberry one. Furthermore, we can say that some of the most important […]

Veserkal solutions for fish industry

In Veserkal we are very pleased to prove that we have met our customers’ expectations. When we develop a new project, we set a very specific goal, to design the best solution to benefit the specific requirements of each customer. In this sense, we are glad to announce that Elba, a national reference in the […]

Teamcenter, a software that allows us to be more efficient

It’s always a pleasure to announce the integration of those innovations that benefit our business development, such as the installation of Teamcenter, a software solution that allows us to be more efficient when designing our products. This management system of the life cycle of a product helps us to design increasingly complex solutions, increasing both […]

One year ago we inaugurated our new facilities

At this time last year, we moved to our current location, a change that, while representing a major organizational challenge for our team, we can assess as completely positive. The fact of having some facilities which are more appropriate and consistent with our production and commercial needs has allowed a very important qualitative leap in […]

Veserkal, a model of talent training

In Veserkal we have repeatedly proven to always be open to change. We understand that it is essential to progress in our work. One aspect that differentiates us is that we are open to learn from others to improve, a virtue that pushes us to analyse our work with determination and which also gives us […]

Quality policy and continuous improvement

In Veserkal we will never get tired of improving our products, processes and services. When we state that our company is committed to innovation, we mean that we are always open to change, that is, to apply new knowledge, ideas, techniques or practices that allow us to increase our efficiency, quality, productivity and competitiveness. Indeed, […]