Diseñamos, desarrollamos y construimos maquinaria específica destinada a líneas de producción y de envasado de productos, aumentado la rentabilidad de los procesos productivos de nuestros clientes.


The importance of after-sales service

At Veserkal we have always promoted the creation of a solid circle of trust and reciprocity with our customers. Thanks to this, we manage to forge business ties that go beyond a simple commercial partnership.

For us it is very important to be able to progress with our customers, as well as continue to support them once the sale is complete. This would not be possible without the high specialization of our team. Our professionals are able to respond efficiently to all those requirements that may arise not only during the design and development process of a project, but also in the after-sales phase.

We have recently started the supervision and maintenance phase of an important production chain in Morocco which belongs to one of the most outstanding companies in the blueberry industry. Our inspection and preventive maintenance service guarantees the highest profitability of their production chain throughout the season. However, before it starts, it is very important to carry out an exhaustive control of the machinery to guarantee its correct start-up.

It should be noted that there are several Spanish companies from the horticultural sector that benefit from this service.

Finally, we would like to note that in the after-sales phase, we receive contributions that allow us to improve in the design of new solutions. In Veserkal we are always open to improve our solutions, as well as to incorporate those changes that can be beneficial for our customers. For this reason, we always offer them the possibility to profit from our after-sales service.